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What training do we offer?

We offer training on the Public Health Well website and its web-based tools (Community Profiles, PANI, Prevalence tool) so that they can be used effectively to support evidence-informed policy and practice.

The training is a computer based class-room type session consisting of a presentation of the Public Health Well and its tools and a demonstration of its use via comprehensive case studies. Participants are provided with some practical work which offers a hands-on approach thereby getting the most from the training.

Who we offer training to?

We offer training to those working in the area of public health, such as researchers, policy practitioners, those working in health and social services and the community and voluntary sector.

We also provide training to the academic sector thereby introducing students to the Public Health Well website and its tools and informing them of the range of information and data sources available for use in evidence base practice.

Where does the training take place?

We will come to your work/study location to provide these training sessions. We do not have set dates for training sessions - rather we can accommodate a time and place to suit you. Training sessions can be tailored to the needs of the participants.

Training video and slides

A training video and a set of training slides that will introduce you to the Public Health Well website and its Exploratory Tools are now available to view. The video and slideset give an introduction to the Public Health Well and its tools. You can view the video and/or follow the slides via a sample case study to help you navigate and retrieve information from the Public Health Well and Community Profiles Tool more competently. 

To access the training slides, click here. 

If you have any queries or feedback about the slide-set please contact .

How to contact us to arrange training

To find out more about training on the Public Health Well please contact

You can also register you interest by filling in this form

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