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Here you can find help on:

  • Catalogues and the Public Health Well’s cache of information resources from our contributors
  • Summaries of research articles drawn from Open Access Journals
  • Public Health Well’s News Room
  • Easy to use search functions to research and browse these information resources
  • Health topics that provide a focus on health and social care priorities to the Public Health Well’s development
  • Topic-specific Hubs
  • My Well accounts to help you to manage your work
  • Webgroups and information on how they can help you and your colleagues to work more effectively on the web

If you cannot find the information you require, please email us at

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  • Catalogues and Health Wells' cache
  • Summaries of research articles
  • NewsRoom
  • Information standards
  • Searching
  • Health topics
  • Hubs
  • My Well
  • Webroups
  • FAQs