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Sinead Hanafin
CEO, Research Matters Ltd & Visiting Research Fellow – Trinity College Dublin
“I have found the Health Well website very useful and informative, specifically the Community Profile tool. It is a fantastic resource which has proved very helpful to a piece of work I am doing at the moment. It is easy to navigate and is very well populated!”
Dr Briege M lagan
Lecturer and Research Fellow (University of Ulster)
“I teach and conduct research in Health Promotion and Public Health at the University of Ulster and find the Health Well website an excellent information resource not only for myself, but for students undertaking the MSc in Health Promotion and Public Health. This website offers easy access to invaluable information on current evidence, policies, data and interventions. I will be encouraging any individual involved in public health to visit the website”.
John-Mark McCafferty
Head of Social Justice and Policy, the Society of St Vincent De Paul
Fuel poverty is one of the key problems facing many of the households we assist on a daily and weekly basis, and assisting people with energy debts and with the cost of oil and solid fuels is one of the largest expenditures our volunteers commit resources to. While energy prices rise people on fixed or reducing incomes are increasingly struggling to meet the costs of their energy needs. The Society of St Vincent De Paul is committed to working with a range of utilities, agencies, Government Departments and the Regulator (CER) to find innovative solutions, including the roll-out and promotion of Pre-Payment or Pay As You Go metering for those finding it difficult to pay their electricity and gas bills. The Fuel Poverty Hub helps me stay informed on relevant policy consultations and policy developments. The hub is regularly updated with new research and policy reports as well as findings from interventions. Whatever your interest is in fuel poverty, I am confident that the resources on the hub will be of use to you in your research, policy or service development.
Michael Martin
The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)
Fuel poverty is an area which the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland is working to address on behalf of the Irish Government, primarily through the Better Energy Warmer Homes scheme ( The Fuel Poverty Hub is a valuable source of information on all aspects of the affordable energy agenda on the island of Ireland, featuring as it does a wide range of resources on policy consultations and developments.
Anthony Mc Loughlin
Environmental Health Student (4th year)
“As an Environmental Health student I have found the Health Well website very useful and informative; it has been a big benefit to me and many of my fellow students. The Health Well has a good way of putting all the information in one place, making it easy to research without going from one site to another. It is catching on very fast as a one stop website for research and data on the latest issues to the professionals across the spectra who require hard facts. You will be glad to find The Health Well website early in your career rather than later. In my opinion it ticks all the boxes for environmental health students”
Dr Yoga Velupillai
Senior Lecturer in Public Health, UL
“Over the past 2 years I have been using the very useful website of the Institute of Public Health Ireland to prepare my presentation for the students in the Graduate Entry Medical School in University of Limerick (on chronic conditions, health inequalities and obesity). The wealth of information of the health of the Irish population and their projections of future trends helps my students to appreciate the importance of Public Health education in a Medical curriculum.”
Prof Cecily Kelleher
Head of School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Population Science, UCD
“In one website, the Obesity Hub brings together details of obesity-related interventions, policies, data and evidence drawing on a range of different sources. It also includes practical tools to help people manage this information. The Hub is an invaluable resource for a wide range of users working to tackle obesity and I am pleased that the National Nutrition Surveillance Centre is linked in and looks forward to strengthening those links and recommends the site to you”
Dr. Nazih Eldin
HSE Lead on Obesity
“I am delighted to support the Obesity Hub; it is a valuable source of obesity-related information and data for policy makers and practitioners alike. The HSE collaborated in the development of the Physical Activity and Nutrition Intervention (PANI) Tool which will directly support the dissemination of effective local obesity prevention and management interventions across the island. I recommend the website to you”
Prof Ivan Perry
Head of Department of Epidemiology & Public Health, UCC
“I am pleased to give my support to the Obesity Hub. It is a great website, and an important and innovative resource where policy makers and practitioners can access the information they need to tackle complex public health issues like obesity. The HRB’s Centre for Health and Diet Research looks forward to continuing it’s collaboration with the IPH to further develop the website”
Hugh Magee
Senior Statistician, Department of Health
“The Health Well website provides easy access to a great deal of valuable health information. The Department disseminates the data tables in its Public Health Information System (PHIS 2012) on the website. By placing details of relevant interventions, policies and evidence alongside numerical data it helps people put that information into context and use if for planning and delivering services and assessing their performance. We are pleased to be associated with the Health Well; I’d urge you to visit the website and see what it has to offer”
Dr. Davida De La Harpe
National Head of Health Intelligence, HSE
“HSE Health Intelligence works across the organisation to support evidence-based practice. It encourages people to use the best available evidence and data in their daily work and to take into account relevant policies and interventions. The Health Well website provides easy access to these information resources alongside tools to apply them in practice. I would recommend the site to you”
Adele Graham
Health Intelligence, Public Health Agency
“Health Intelligence supports the Public Health Agency by working with others to develop and get knowledge/information out to where it is needed. The Health Well website provides easy access to a great deal of valuable health information. By gathering together different types of information – evidence, data, policies, interventions – alongside each other, it helps people to plan, deliver and evaluate services in a more relevant and coherent way. We’re happy to support the Health Well website. Have a look over it and see how it can help you”
Prof Frank Kee
Director, Centre of Excellence for Public Health (Northern Ireland)
“The Health Well website is a valuable information resource; by bringing together evidence, policy, data and interventions it encourages policy makers and practitioners to adopt a systems approach to public health issues. The Centre of Excellence for Public Health (NI) was established to support evidence-based decision making; it is delighted to be a partner in the Health Well website. I encourage you to make use of it”