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Headline is Ireland's national media monitoring programme, working to promote responsible and accurate coverage of mental health and suicide related issues within the Irish media.

Headline aims to highlight mental health issues and address the stigma attached to emotional distress, suicidal behaviour and mental illness through the promotion of responsible media coverage.

According to the World Health Organization, research over the last 30 years has convincingly demonstrated that the mass media are one of the most significant influences on belief systems. Consequently, people often form their attitudes about mental health difficulties and suicidal behaviour though the television programmes, radio programmes, news reports and films they see, read and hear. The media have a significant role to play in promoting mental health and actively reducing stigma towards people with mental health difficulties.

Headline works with journalists, including the National Union of Irish Journalists, and media students to find ways to collaborate to ensure that suicide, mental health and mental illness are responsibly covered in the media. Headline provides information on reporting on mental health and suicidal behaviour, literature and daily analysis of news stories. Headline also serves as a vehicle for the public to become involved in helping to monitor the Irish media on issues relating to mental health and suicide.

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