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Local Public Health Information Network (L-PHIN)

Update December 2016:


At the beginning of 2016 a joint project between the Institute of Public Health in Ireland (IPH), a working group of Specialists in Public Health Medicine and Researchers from the regional Departments of Public Health, and the Department of Health was initiated.  Representatives from the three organisations organised a scoping event which explored how producers and users of local health data can work collaboratively to support Healthy Ireland using local data.

Progress to date

There have been two events so far:

Event for the development of cross-sectoral local data to support Healthy Ireland (25th February 2016, Wood Quay, Dublin)

There were three stages to this event:

  • A proforma that was mailed to the attendees prior to the scoping event

  • A morning session of the scoping event looked to gain an overview of what work is currently taking place in the area of community/local profiling, and to inform a review.

  • An afternoon workshop explored four key questions with attendees.

    • How can we better engage with users so that our products meet their needs?

    • What do you think prevents us from working together more?

    • How can we work together to meet the aims of Healthy Ireland and ensure we address the key challenges (technical, collaborative and future proofing) we have discussed today? Think about structures and processes.

    • Looking to the future what are the key opportunities and threats for us working together?

Access the slides and audio from the event here

Following on from this a review of international practice in relation to local public health intelligence networks was conducted and feedback on a presentation of the draft report from this event was elicited in a session of the Knowledge for Health Conference 2016.


Knowledge for Health Conference 2016 (25th May 2016, Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin).

Dr Marie Casey presented a summary of the draft report to a session of the Knowledge for Health 2016 Conference in Dublin.  Feedback was incorporated into the final version of the report. 

To access Dr. Casey’s presentation, click here

To access the final report, click here


Future plans

The initial organising organisations are now looking to establish a Local Public Health Information Network (L-PHIN).  A meeting of potential network members will take place in Autumn 2016 to:

  • Finalise the network’s Terms of Reference (TOR) and establish a broader organising committee

  • Agree a foundation project

For more information, please email Kevin Balanda, Director of Research at IPH on .








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