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Seven Easy Steps to Open Science: An Annotated Reading List


Cruwell, S.' et al

Subject Keywords: Open access, Open Science, Transparency
Catalogue: Systematic Reviews
Type: Article
Region: International (other)

The open science movement is rapidly changing the scientific landscape. Because exact definitions are often lacking and reforms are constantly evolving, accessible guides to open science are needed. This paper provides an introduction to open science and related reforms in the form of an annotated reading list of seven peer-reviewed articles, following the format of Etz, Gronau, Dablander, Edelsbrunner, and Baribault (2018). Written for researchers and students – particularly in psychological science – it highlights and introduces seven topics: understanding open science; open access; open data, materials, and code; reproducible analyses; preregistration and registered reports; replication research; and teaching open science. For each topic, we provide a detailed summary of one particularly informative and actionable article and suggest several further resources. Supporting a broader understanding of open science issues, this overview should enable researchers to engage with, improve, and implement current open, transparent, reproducible, replicable, and cumulative scientific practices.





Rights: © public
Suggested citation:

Cruwell, S.' et al. (2019) Seven Easy Steps to Open Science: An Annotated Reading List [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 9th April 2020].


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