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Review of Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland


Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety

Type: Report
Region: Republic of Ireland
Northern Ireland

The Review of Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland has been published (Dec 13 2011) and can be viewed in full  here .  Key points include: ·         The proposed future model puts the individual at the centre and not the institution, and supports the individual to care for themselves and make good health choices. For many, Health and Social Care services will be increasingly accessible in their local areas: this may not seem different, but it is the way in which health professionals work together to deliver those services which will be different. They will work together in a much more integrated way to plan and deliver consistently high quality care for patients; ·         It is proposed that Integrated Care Partnerships will be set up to join together the full range of Health and Social Care services in their area. Patients will have to deal with fewer professionals and will be at the centre of decision-making about their treatment. There will be a significant shift from provision of services in hospitals to provision of services in the community, in the GP surgery, closer to home, where it is safe and effective to do this. Services will regard home as the hub, and be enabled to ensure that people can be cared for at home, including at the end of life. More support will also be available at home; ·         Where specialist hospital care is required it will be available, with patients being discharged into the care of local services as soon as their health and care needs permit. The Review proposes that an urgent care model will be implemented in every area to provide 24/7 access to urgent care services; ·         The Health Minister said that the challenge of the review team was to examine the future provision of services, including acute hospital configuration, the development of primary healthcare services and social care and the interface between sectors to meet our priorities; ·         The report recommends that each Local Commissioning Groups should draw up specific proposals for hospitals in their areas that meet the principles and criteria laid down by the Review team. It is the report’s view that it is likely only to be possible to provide resilient, sustainable major acute services on five to seven sites. This assumes that the Belfast Trust hospitals are regarded as one network of major acute services; ·         There will be a shift of care from hospital settings to the community, and there will be a shift in the resources as funds are reallocated in line with service delivery.  ·         It is envisaged that key changes would include: more care delivered in the home; changing care packages for people in nursing homes; an increased role for the GP; increased role of pharmacy in medicines management and prevention;  increased use of community and social care services to meet people’s needs; and outreach of acute services into the community; ·         Taking account of these changes, it is envisaged that by 2014/15 the Review concludes that there would be a shift of funding of around 5%, or about £83 million, from the hospital services budget to other services. In this model there would be increases to Personal and Social Services of around £21 million, to Family Health Services and Primary Care of around £21 million and to Community Services of around £41 million by 2014/15. The figures provided by the Review Team are indicative, and clearly the proposed reallocations would be refined through detailed implementation planning work. ·         The Review has recommended that implementation and stakeholder engagement plans are drawn up and published by June 2012. The plans will be based on population plans for each area drawn up by each of the Local Commissioning Groups with the HSC Trusts.More information:Health and Social Care Review Report  (Transforming Your Care) (PDF 5MB)Ministerial statement to the Northern Ireland AssemblyHSC Review press releaseHSC board website 



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Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety. (2011) Review of Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 21st July 2018].


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