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Review of Ireland's International Education Strategy 2013 - consultation Paper


Department of Education and skills, International Section

Subject Keywords: Further Education, Higher Education
Catalogue: Policy
Type: Report
Region: Republic of Ireland

Investing in Global Relationships: Ireland’s International Education Strategy 2010 – 2015 was published in September 2010. Significant progress has been made in implementing this strategy, to complement and support the work undertaken at institutional level:


- A strong national brand is now in place: Education in Ireland, managed by Enterprise Ireland.

- There is much closer alignment between education and immigration policies.

- A new Government of Ireland Scholarship has been established, managed by the Higher Education Authority.

- An International Education Marketing Fund has been developed which allows institutions to collaborate in Enterprise Ireland- led national marketing initiatives.

- Promotional efforts are taking place in the priority markets of the USA, Brazil, China, India, SE Asia and the Gulf.  Ministers have visited each of the priority markets in the last two years.

- Ireland is participating at national level in major international scholarship schemes such as

Science Without Borders (Brazil) and the King Abdullah Scholarship Programme (Saudi Arabia).

- Statutory provision is now in place for an international education mark and code of practice, which will be rolled out in 2014 by Qualifications and Quality Assurance Ireland (QQI).

- International student numbers have risen in priority sectors: 14% growth in the English language sector and 9% growth in higher education since 2010.

- Ireland’s international education offering has also diversified, including with increasingly significant levels of cross- border provision.


However, global demand for education continues to change rapidly. There continues to be a massive expansion in demand for education around the world, particularly in emerging markets with growing middle classes.




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Department of Education and skills, International Section. () Review of Ireland's International Education Strategy 2013 - consultation Paper [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 22nd July 2018].


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