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National Childcare Strategy 2006 - 2010: A Guide for Providers


Department of Health and Children

Subject Keywords: Childcare infrastructure
Type: Strategy
Region: Republic of Ireland

The key objective of the National Childcare Strategy is to further develop the childcare infrastructure to meet the needs of children and their parents for quality early childhood care.

The Government’s National Childcare Investment Programme is a major programme of investment in childcare infrastructure. €575 million has been allocated to the five-year Programme, including €358 million for capital investment.

It is anticipated that the Programme will create up to 50,000 new childcare places, with the objective of assisting parents to access affordable, quality childcare.

The Programme will seek to:
• create 5,000 after-school and 10,000 pre-school education places;

• support childcare facilities for disadvantaged parents and their children;

• support quality measures for Childminders and Parent and Toddler Groups;

• education measures for children and adults in areas of disadvantage.



Rights: © Government of Ireland
Suggested citation:

Department of Health and Children. (2006) National Childcare Strategy 2006 - 2010: A Guide for Providers [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 8th April 2020].


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