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A key to the door - Homeless Agency action plan 2007-2010, Issue 22, Summer 2007


Martin Keane

Subject Keywords: Homelessness, Homeless people
Topic: Mental Health
Chronic Conditions
Catalogue: Policy
Policies, Strategies & Action plans
Type: Article
Region: Republic of Ireland

The Homeless Agency recently launched its action plan to eliminate long-term homelessness and the need to sleep rough in Dublin by 2010. This article will discuss the elements of the plan that relate to homeless individuals with addiction problems in the context of the wider policy framework on drugs and homelessness. The plan contains three strategic aims, relating to prevention, local access to quality homeless services and long-term housing options with support when required. The plan contains 10 core actions (high priority) that cover more than one strategic aim and 74 additional actions (lower priority). Individuals with mental health problems, addictions (alcohol and drugs) and dual diagnosis (addiction and mental health) needs have been identified as needing healthcare and other interventions as part of the strategic aim to prevent homelessness and reduce the risk of becoming homeless. As part of the development of the action plan, a total of 105 men, women and children, both current and past users of homeless services, were interviewed. The principal immediate causes of their becoming homeless were identified by those interviewed as family breakdown, and alcohol, heroin and mental health problems. Several studies have shown the prominent role played by drug use in exposing individuals and families to homelessness in Ireland.





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Martin Keane. (2007) A key to the door - Homeless Agency action plan 2007-2010, Issue 22, Summer 2007 [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 23rd February 2020].


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