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Examining Nutrition Surveillance on the island of Ireland



Subject Keywords: Nutrition, Surveillance, Food
Topic: Obesity
Catalogue: Data
Data Catalogues
Type: Report
Region: All-island

The food we eat is a key determinant of our health and the monitoring of nutritional status is an essential element of monitoring public health. On the island of Ireland (IOI) there has been a wealth of nutrition data collected contributing to the nutrition surveillance picture, although no formal nutrition surveillance system currently exists in either jurisdiction.

This report outlines recent and current activities contributing to nutrition surveillance on IOI and makes recommendations for the future. This is with a view to maximising the use of economic resources and harnessing and maintaining expertise in this important domain using a joint programming approach.

This work was facilitated by a subgroup of safefood’s Advisory Committee in 2011/12.



Rights: © safefood
Suggested citation:

safefood. (2012) Examining Nutrition Surveillance on the island of Ireland [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 14th November 2019].


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