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Framework of engagement with non-state actors


World Health Organization (WHO)

Subject Keywords: Framework of engagement
Type: Framework
Region: International (other)

  1. As part of WHO reform, the governing bodies have requested the Director-General to develop a framework of engagement with non-State actors and separate policies on the engagement with different groups of non-State actors.

2. Based on the inputs received in governing body debates and consultations, the Secretariat submits as annexed to this report a draft framework for engagement with non-State actors, which contains:

  1.  an overarching framework for engagement with non-State actors, and
  2.  four separate WHO policies and operational procedures on engagement with nongovernmental organizations, private sector entities, philanthropic foundations and academic institutions.

3. The draft overarching framework applies to all WHO’s engagement with non-State actors and provides the rationale, principles and boundaries of such engagement. As a whole, the draft framework defines the different non-State actors, five categories of interactions (participation, resources, evidence, advocacy and technical collaboration), and the benefits and risks of such engagement. It further outlines both the policies and the operational procedures for WHO’s transparent management of engagement with non-State actors including due diligence, risk assessment and risk management. For the oversight of engagement it is proposed to replace the current Standing Committee on Nongovernmental Organizations by a committee of the Executive Board on non-State actors, for which terms of reference are also proposed. Finally, the draft framework regulates the admission and review of entities in official relations with WHO.




Rights: © WHO
Suggested citation:

World Health Organization (WHO). (2014) Framework of engagement with non-state actors [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 12th November 2019].


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