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Health statistics 1999.


Ireland. Department of Health

Type: Report
Region: Republic of Ireland
Northern Ireland

This compendium of health statistics brings together data from a wide variety of sources on demographics, health and health service utilisation. It has been extensively revised and expanded compared with earlier editions. The intention is to provide a statistical overview as well as serving as a resource and reference for those interested in particular aspects of health. The first three sections of the report contain demographic and health status indicators: â?¢ Section A â?" Population and Population Projections; â?¢ Section B â?" Life Expectancy and Vital Statistics; â?¢ Section C â?" Health Status and Lifestyle. The remainder of the report deals with health services provision and associated employment and expenditure statistics: â?¢ Section D â?" Community Health and Welfare Services; â?¢ Section E â?" Children in Care; â?¢ Section F â?" Psychiatric Services; â?¢ Section G â?" Services for the Handicapped; â?¢ Section H â?" Acute Hospital Services; â?¢ Section J â?" District/Community Hospitals and Extended Care; â?¢ Section K â?" Health Service Employment Statistics; â?¢ Section L â?" Expenditure Statistics.



Rights: Public
Suggested citation:

Ireland. Department of Health. (1999) Health statistics 1999. [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 14th August 2018].


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