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Commentary: How to Tackle Fuel Poverty


Helm, D.

Subject Keywords: Fuel poverty, Oil, Living standards
Topic: Fuel Poverty
Fuel Poverty
Chronic Conditions
Type: Report
Region: United Kingdom

Back in 2000 John Prescott committed the government to eliminate fuel poverty by 2010—just when the oil price had doubled. This ambition became statutory and was formalised as a target for the eradication of fuel poverty for vulnerable households by 2010 and for all households in England by 2016. Since 2000, the oil price has increased fourteen-fold, before falling back slightly, with the inevitable result when fed through to household energy bills that there are now estimated to be over 4 million households classified as fuel poor. Unsurprisingly, the political pressure to ‘do something about it’ has become intense. Unsurprisingly, too, the attraction of short-term expediency has proved difficult to resist. Dieter Heim looks at possibilities for the elimination of fuel poverty in England.



Rights: © D. Helm
Suggested citation:

Helm, D.. (2008) Commentary: How to Tackle Fuel Poverty [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 12th November 2019].


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