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A Comparison of Policies Designed to Enhance Child Well-Being


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Subject Keywords: Child well-being
Type: Website
Region: United Kingdom

UNICEF's Report Card 7 on Child Well-Being summarised indicators of child well-being in OECD countries. The UK came bottom of the league table on child well-being. We knew from previous research, not least previous Report Cards produced by UNICEF, that the UK was likely to do badly on child income poverty, children living in workless families, teenage pregnancy, and some health outcomes. But what was more disturbing was the UK performance on some of the dimensions concerned with relationships with family and friends, subjective well-being and risk behaviour. The questions raised were why is the UK doing badly in these domains and what can be done about it? UNICEF UK

(UUK) decided to commission a short piece of work, designed to establish whether it was possible to learn from other countries' public policies that led to them performing better on these domains.



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refer to the resource. (2009) A Comparison of Policies Designed to Enhance Child Well-Being [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 24th May 2018].


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