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Health in Ireland Key Trends 2016


Department of Health (Ireland)

Subject Keywords: Health Status, Healthcare, Employment, Expenditure
Catalogue: Research and Evaluation
Type: Report
Region: Republic of Ireland

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This is the ninth edition of this easy-to-use reference guide to significant trends in health and health care over the past decade, including population and health status, as well as trends in service provision. This year, new tables,  maps and graphs have been included on some specific topics or where new data has been made available. Each  section has a brief introduction summarising key statistics.

Health in Ireland Key Trends 2016

Key trends include:

Further key trends, by section of the booklet, are presented below:

Section 1  Population and Life Expectancy

Provisional data from Census 2016 show an overall increase of nearly 4% in the total population since the last Census in 2011 but a significant slowdown in growth over the period. As population data by age is not yet available from Census 2016 the CSO population estimates for 2016 are used in Key Trends 2016.

Chapter 2  Health of the Population

Please note that any references below to 2015 mortality data should be considered provisional as 2015 data in this report are based on year of registration, and not year of occurrence.

Chapter 3  Hospital Care

Chapter 4  Primary Care and Community Services

Chapter 5 Health Service Employment

Chapter 6  Health Service Expenditure





Rights: Department of Health (Ireland)
Suggested citation:

Department of Health (Ireland). (2016) Health in Ireland Key Trends 2016 [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 16th July 2018].


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