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Competition in Electricity Supply


Commission for Energy Regulation (CER)

Subject Keywords: Natural gas, Electricity market
Topic: Fuel Poverty
Fuel Poverty
Type: Booklet
Region: Republic of Ireland

The Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) is the independent body responsible for regulating the natural gas and electricity markets in Ireland in the interest of customers The retail electricity market in Ireland has been fully open to competition since 2005, allowing all customers to choose their electricity supplier. While imported fossil fuel prices will remain the main driver of electricity prices, an effectively competitive retail electricity market benefits customers through improved choice and quality of tariff products, increased pressure to reduce prices and a high
quality service.

This CER factsheet summarises the findings of the CER’s first Competition Review and the Roadmap to a De-regulated Electricity Retail Market, both of which were published by the CER in April 2010.
The Roadmap will in time enable all suppliers to set their own electricity prices without approval from the CER. The CER will continue to monitor the electricity retail markets to ensure the interests of customers continue to be protected.



Rights: © Commission for Energy Regulation (CER)
Suggested citation:

Commission for Energy Regulation (CER). (2010) Competition in Electricity Supply [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 17th November 2019].


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