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Quality of HIPE data to be audited

31 Oct 2014

The HSE is to assess the quality of the data of the main national system for recording information relating to inpatient and day case attendances at 38 acute public hospitals in Ireland operating the ‘Money Follows The Patient’ (MFTP) budget model.

The project will assess the validity of data underpinning the MFTP model, validate a range of data reported to the HSE Healthcare Pricing Office (HPO) by acute hospitals, and support data quality improvement in admitted patient data reporting, including the identification of best practice clinical coding pathways.

The audit will cover the quality of documentation in the patient chart, coding from the chart to the Hospital In-Patient Enquiry (HIPE) system, and HIPE data reported to the HPO.

Both chart-based and data quality assessment audits will review the most recent patient separation (activity) data for one 12-month period relating to 2013.

According to the Executive, these audits must assess the quality of coding at hospital level in four key areas, including the timeliness of coded HIPE data, and timeliness and adequacy of responses by hospital HIPE coding departments to queries from the HPO. A representative sample of charts from the MFTP hospitals will also be reviewed for accuracy, completeness and consistency of HIPE coding management services.

The HSE indicated it would hire an external consultant to review the activity data using an external data quality assessment tool, develop a methodology for identifying best practice in coding processes, and audit resources provision to supplement existing HIPE coding audit function.

They will also identify training requirements for HIPE and HPO staff, assess whether the coding resource at hospital level is sufficient, and provide a comprehensive national report to the HPO.

Lloyd Mudiwa

Click here to view the full article which appeared in Irish Medical Times