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European Public Health News

14 Jul 2017

In this European Public Health News, all authors are reflecting on the involvement and rights of the consumers. Muscat highlights e-health and the new ways of communication that change the roles for patients to interact with their health systems. Zeegers continues by emphasizing the need to put the public back in health research, reflecting on the discussions during the second annual forum of the Scientific Panel on Health Research. Jakab emphasises the importance of including the right to health for migrants and equitable access to people-centred and migrant/refugee sensitive health systems. Andriukaitis presents the European Pillar on Social Rights, a new tool that the European Commission hopes will become a reference framework, including health policy and the delivery of health services. Finally, Forsberg presents the attention given to resilience and health in action at community level, where direct interaction between health and social systems with the individual takes place. All in all, the involvement and rights of Europeans is clearly a starting point for all our work as public health community.

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