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Early-career researchers in integrated care: speed networking

14 Aug 2019

Background: Social capital is defined by Putnam and others (Krueter & Lezin 2002) as enabling people to act together to reach shared objectives through membership in networks of informal shared norms and values. With regards to early researchers in integrated care, providing access to meeting other people within the field and to networks in the field can lead to an increase in social capital or in a practical sense career, research, and collaboration opportunities.

Aims and Objectives: The aims of this interactive activity are for participants to:

- meet other early career researchers in integrated care

- meet professionals in the field

- discover who to get to know further

- discover who works on the same theme/sector

- practice using elevator pitch and bio

- practice networking (getting to know people and quickly assessing whether to further contact)

Format (timing, speakers, discussion, group work, etc): Total time for this activity 90 minutes. (set up 5 minutes; explanation 10 minutes; final discussion 15 minutes) [Time for this activity is dependant on the number of participants]

Build 2 groups (1 and 2), each in one row, facing each other (perhaps across tables)

Timer: each group has 1 minute to offer information about themselves, first group 1, timer, then group 2. At end of 2 minutes, bell rings, group 1 moves 1 seat to the right. Group 2 remains where they are.

Some helpful tips:

- Speak loudly and clearly – the room will be full of the noise of networking

- Background and research interests

- Research history

- Goals, needs, wishes

- Stay until the end

- Bring business cards

- If someone is struggling to say or to ask something – help out and ask questions.

- Be genuinely interested in everybody

- Take time to see if you can help with any connections or advice

- At the end: Think about who you want to talk to again and how you can further the new


Target audience: The participants are ERIC members, other young professionals 0-5 years in the field of IC, or early career researchers (masters, PhDs or post-doctoral students) in IC.

Senior members of IFIC, professionals in the field of IC, participants of ICIC19 who are present and are interested in meeting ERIC members.

Learnings/Take away:

- Participants will practice using their elevator pitches and bios.

- Participants will practice socializing with others in their field.

- Participants will meet others with same interests in the IC field for future support and


- Participants of ERIC will feel more personally part of the network.

- Participants will increase their social capital

Published on 2019-08-09 00:00:00

Click here to view the full article which appeared in International Journal of Integrated Care