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Council to meet nursing body on bullying issue

27 May 2016

Prof Freddie Wood

A “very significant amount of bullying” of NCHDs is initiated by paramedics or nurses, and the Irish Medical Council (IMC) is due to raise the issue with the nursing and midwifery regulator when the two organisations meet in a week’s time, IMT reports.

Speaking at last week’s launch of the Council’s new Ethical Guide, IMC President Prof Freddie Wood said: “We haven’t yet met the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI). We are due to meet them in the next couple of weeks and this is one of the topics that we will talk about. There are areas of common interest as well that we have to talk about.”

Prof Wood was responding to a question from the audience by specialist in geriatric and stroke medicine Prof Des O’Neill, who said that in the ‘Your Training Counts’ (YTC) survey of trainee doctors’ experiences a very significant amount of bullying came from outside the profession, for example from nursing. “Has the Council thought about some advice on what to do about bullying from outside and also have they liaised with the NMBI around this issue?” he asked.

Prof Wood said that those liaisons were continuing.

This year’s YTC survey was about to start and there was further information from last year‘s edition yet to be published, revealed the IMC President. The Council, he added, had also met with the HSE and hospital HR departments on the issue of bullying.

“Change is slow: we expect it to be slow. But we also are determined and resolute that we would continue with the anonymous survey to see what effect the changes being put in place by the hospitals and HR make,” Prof Wood commented. “It’s a slow process but it’s not something that we are going to put on the back-burner. It won’t be, I can assure you, with the present CEO [Bill Prasifka] and when the next Council takes over in the next two years… this will not be lost. It’s to continue.”

Lloyd Mudiwa

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