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Cohort Profile: Seek and Treat for the Optimal Prevention of HIV/AIDS in British Columbia (STOP HIV/AIDS BC)

05 Aug 2014

The Seek and Treat for Optimal Prevention of HIV/AIDS (STOP HIV/AIDS) cohort is a census of all identified HIV-positive individuals in the province of British Columbia. It was formed through the linkage of nine provincial treatment, surveillance and administrative databases. This open cohort allows for bidirectional analyses from 1996 onward and is refreshed annually. Extensive data collection for cohort members includes demographic information, detailed clinical and laboratory data, complete prescription drug use including antiretroviral agents, and information on health service utilization encompassing inpatient and outpatient care, addictions treatment and palliative care. This cohort provides an unprecedented opportunity to evaluate, over an extended time period, patterns and determinants of key outcomes including engagement in the cascade of HIV care from diagnosis to treatment to viral suppression as well as monitoring trends in medical costs, health outcomes and other key healthcare delivery indicators at a population level with wide-ranging, high-quality data. The overall purpose of these activities is to enable the development and implementation of strategically targeted interventions to improve access to testing, care and treatment for all HIV-positive individuals living in British Columbia. As a programme of the Ministry of Health, the STOP HIV/AIDS Evaluation Evaluation Team welcomes input from all stakeholders and possible partners via contact with the Director of Operations for the British Columbia Centre for excellence in HIV AIDS, Ms. Irene Day (

5 August 2014

Click here to view the full article which appeared in International Journal of Epidemiology