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“My Thoughts on Gun Violence”: An Urban Adolescent's Display of Agency and Multimodal Literacies

10 Jan 2019


The authors analyzed the multimodal presentation of one student in a seventh‐grade social studies class situated in an urban charter school in the Northeastern United States. The student researched a specific problem that existed in his community and located solutions using web‐based sources. The authors analyzed the student's classwork, focus group interview, and final project using Gee's critical discourse analysis approach to examine the use of language tasks. The student used text, design, visual art, and music to build relationships, identity, meaning, and purpose. The findings revealed that the project supported his development of agency, technology use, and multimodal literacies as he purposefully and meaningfully communicated with his audience about the issue of gun violence that impacted his community.

Click here to view the full article which appeared in Journal of Adolescent and Adult literacy