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Chronic Conditions Prevalence Tool

The Institute of Public Health in Ireland (IPH) publishes estimates and forecasts of the number of people living with chronic conditions across the island of Ireland.

The Chronic Conditions Prevalence Tool allows you to:

  • access the IPH's published prevalence estimates and forecasts (based on officially published population estimates and projection;
  • calculate the prevalence estimates for some other actual or hypothetical population; and to
  • explore various "What If?" scenarios based on theoretical changes in the demographic profile or relevant lifestyle behaviours of the population.

Estimates of the risk that people in certain population subgroups have a condition are based on nationally representative health survey data from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The number (or percentage) of people in these population subgroups with the condition is then calculated by multiplying their risk of having the condition by the number of people in the population subgroup.

To use the tool you must select a condition, select a data source and then make your population choices.

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