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Longstanding health conditions among three-year old children in the Republic of Ireland

A longstanding health condition is any illness, condition or disability that has or will trouble a child over a period of time. Children with these conditions can have poorer quality of life, poorer social and emotional development, and poorer educational achievement.

As part of its work on the prevalence of chronic health conditions, IPH produced prevalence estimates for longstanding conditions among children aged three-years. The estimates are based on data from the Growing Up in Ireland National Longitudinal Study of Children (GUI) and relate to the following five common serious conditions:

  • A “longstanding illness, condition or disability”
  • Diagnosed asthma or asthma symptoms
  • Diagnosed eczema/any kind of skin allergy
  • Sight problem that required correction
  • Hearing problem that required correction

For each condition we:

  • Estimated national prevalence per cent and number of children with the condition
  • Described how national prevalence varies with important child, carer, household and neighbourhood characteristics
  • Described how prevalence varies across the 29 administrative counties and five cities in the Republic of Ireland.

Similar data for carer-reported health conditions among seven-year-old children in Northern Ireland can be found here.

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