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Event for the development of cross-sectoral local data to support Healthy Ireland


This small scoping event explored how we could better collaborate to strengthen local data and local community profiles that are needed to support the development, implementation and monitoring of the national public health framework, Healthy Ireland ( The event was the first in a series that aims to develop a network/collaboration of interested people and organisations. A report of the event and a draft action plan for the development of the network and its work programme will be presented at the Knowledge 4 Health Conference to be held in Dublin on 25 May 2016 ( 

Introduction - Access Slides Here 

 Kevin Balanda, Director of Research, Institute of Public Health in Ireland

How local data can support Health Ireland and what data is needed - Access Slides Here 

Dr Miriam Owens, Public Health Specialist

Local data and public health research - Access Slides Here 

Anne Marie Carew, Research Officer, National Health Information Systems

(Audio not available due to technical issues) 

User's perspective A) From a local health point of view - Access Slides Here 

Bedelia Collins, Senior Health Promotion Officer

(Audio not available due to technical issues) 

User's perspective B) From a local goverment point of view - Access Slides Here 

Malachy Bradley, Assistant Director, Eastern & Midland Regional Assembly

Existing local data systems: a summary of pre-event survey of participants - Access Slides Here 

Aishling Sheridan, Research Officer 

Overview of the afternoon - Access Slides Here 

Dr Marie Casey, Specialist in Public Health Medicine

The scoping event was facilitated by the Institute of Public Health in Ireland, the Health Service Executive and the Department of Health.

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